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SF Design Week CommUnity exhibition printed by Plotnet Prints

Thousands of visitors keen on digital art and graphic design swarmed into San Francisco's Pier 27 for Design Week 2019.

SF Design Week (SFDW) is an annual festival that has become an international attraction for designers and visitors. This city is well known as a nexus of design and technology, and SFDW presents new ideas, inspiration, and unique art for everyone to see what the future may look like.

2019 is a special “theme” year, featuring a curated exhibition of prints. Previously, in 2013, the international design community came together around InsideOutSF. This year’s theme, CommUnity, was coined by Mucho, an international design agency and long-term partner of SFDW and the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).

Graphic design is a social discipline that reflects on current attitudes; this year’s theme calls for looking broadly at what unites humankind, countering the divisive climate of the day. More than 100 acclaimed designers from 17 countries responded to the call from Mucho and produced an exceptional collection of designs exploring myriad aspects of what brings us together now.

Prints from the SFDW exhibition are traditionally donated by the artists to be sold at a silent auction to benefit AIGA and the design community. Additionally this year, Plotnet has partnered with AIGA to provide limited edition prints for sale to the public.

Plotnet Prints Uses Hahnemühle Paper

As a professional printing sponsor for SFDW, San Francisco printer Plotnet again took up the challenge to bring the excitement of the designs to the printed work. Reflecting on our experience from printing the 2013 exhibition, Plotnet decided to take it further this year, starting with the paper.

We’ve chosen Hahnemühle, the top paper manufacturing company in the industry. This year, the entire exhibition was printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag®, a soft-coated 100% cotton paper with a light texture, as if made by hand. This paper delivers exceptionally detailed prints with amazing color reproduction in the deepest and brightest tones and guarantees the longevity of the print for more than 100 years if properly cared for*.

Each print is an asset that we hope enhances the meaning of the exhibition’s theme to its owner for their lifetime, and for generations to come. Custom packaging underscores our attention to detail and the value of the artwork. Each print is numbered and comes with a hologram that matches the number on a certificate of authenticity, validating our promise of exclusivity and exceptional longevity, thanks to Hahnemühle and our Giclée printing technology.

CommUnity 2019 exhibition posters are still available and you can order prints online at Plotnet Prints.

* Wilhelm Imaging Research. You can find more information about care instructions on our FAQ page.