• Triboro
  • USA
  • CommUnity
  • Designers:
    David Heasty & Stefanie Weigler

    Designers bring their own unique ways of seeing, and should be tapped to solve more of the world’s problems. Their ability to spot patterns in their environment, and their ability to give permanent form to ethereal concepts, encourages our trust in designers as worthy guides on the path to the future.

    To express this as a poster, we combed through hundreds of old layered files with the goal of spotting something unexpected. Without moving any layers around, we saw a mix of shapes that looked to us like a dove—that familiar cliché for peace. Could unity and peace someday be reached through visual communication? Perhaps not with doves in posters, but possibly with the help of designers finding opportunities to make a difference.

  • Only 15 numbered prints are available. Use the dial to choose the edition of your print.
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  • Printed 24" x 36" on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm (100% Cotton Rag paper)

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