• Angela McCarthy
  • Australia
  • A Community of Characters
  • The idea behind my submission for the CommUNITY exhibtion was to create a poster that speaks to local individual diversity but also reflects inclusivity as we come together to collaborate.

    Utilizing a common tool of communication, an alphabet, I aim to showcase the broad variety of personalities, styles and characters we have in Australia and New Zealand.

    Each designer was asked to design a letter from the English alphabet that reflects their own style. I then designed the poster to hero individual diversity but also speak to the unity and collaboration that exists within our community.

    The alphabet reflects a diversity of: – Gender: 13 females and 13 males – Skills: Illustrators, artists, designers from brand, web, placemaking, music, fashion, editorial experience. – Heritage: Indigenous, European, Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds. – Location: Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and New Zealand. – Age: Established talent, up and coming talent and talented graduates.

    B—Angela McCarthy
    C—Christopher Doyle
    D—Danielle de Andrade
    E—Rosa Morgan
    F—Kevin Finn
    G—Graham Barton
    J—Jordon Stokes
    K—Tim Kelleher
    N—Annette Harcus
    O—Beth Wilkinson
    P—Paul Garbett
    Q—Riki & Diana Salam
    R—Kevin Teh
    S—Osborne Shiwan
    U—Beck Feiner
    V—Tina Victoria Afshar
    W—Jo Roca
    X—Future Days
    Y—Josie Young
    Z—Zoë Pollitt

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  • Printed 24" x 36" on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm (100% Cotton Rag paper)

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