Founded in 2011 by Priscilla Balmer and Yvo Hählen and established since 2013 in the heart of Lausanne, the studio started under the name A3 Studio to become Balmer Hählen in 2017.

Since its founding, the studio is involved in collaborations. Especially with designers, stylists, artists, and photographers. This ongoing artistic exploration allows the studio to develop different types of print, digital or three-dimensional media.

The studio’s work is regularly rewarded in Switzerland and abroad. Their posters have been selected and exhibited several times in international competitions, among others: in Japan, China, Russia, Scotland and for four consecutive years at “100 Beste Plakate”, the 100 best posters of the Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Balmer Hählen is also distinguished by the special attention paid to the quality of its prints. Indeed, the duo devotes a cult to beautiful prints.

In 2015, nine professionals of the branch entrusted them with the artistic direction and organization of the “Rendez-vous des créateurs”, an annual event presenting the skills of Swiss craftsmen in the graphic arts chain.

In parallel to graphic design, Balmer Hählen also produces its own artistic production.