We have set up our studio so we can be personally involved with every single project and get to be choosy about what work we take on ā€” client or self-initiated.

Anton Repponen: Solving problems and creating new visual languages is my biggest passion. My architecture background makes me think of design in a structural and humanistic way. Everything will need to make perfect sense and will need to be designed around the user since the place Iā€™m designing might end up being the place where some people will spend their entire lives.

Irene Pereyra: Growing up in Amsterdam I was constantly surrounded by modernist design, which very heavily influenced my taste and sensibilities. To me, great design is practical and starts with breaking things down to its simplest form, the straightest line from A to B. Anything superfluous makes me uneasy. I frequently have heated debates on how things can be done better with less stuff.